Vocational training in european community


The development of vocational training is one of the most important aims to European Union. This aim is included in European Social Policy. But, What is the meaning of vocational training? Really, it is an improvement of knowledge, skills and attitudes to develop our work very good and to live better. The European Treaties (Maastricht, Amsterdam, Nice), the European social actions and the employment orientations want to find different kind of training to different kind of people. European training programmes are the solution.

We have analysed initial and continuous training programmes. And we have used eight variables to make the analysis: needs, aims, people, methodology, teachers, actions, time necessary and evaluation. But, in this moment is possible to find three important training programmes that includes the other one: Socrates (initial training), Leonardo da Vinci (continuous training) and Research + Development (technological training).

Key words: Employment, European Training Programmes, European Treaties, European Union, Social Policy, Vocational Training.

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