Qualitative analysis on educational staff and families´ perception about conflicts and aggressive be


An aggressive behaviour intends physical and / or psychological damage and could be destructive for the person who is object of the aggression in extreme situations. The article shows two studies carried out with the collaboration of families and students from different layers of the Spanish educational system: primary school, secondary school and high school. The first analysis shows the teachers´ perception in what refers to aggressive behaviour at school, the students´ reaction to them, the implications and the corrective actions proposal. The second study, intended for families, shows to what extent they are aware of the aggressive situations in which their children are involved, potential causes for the aggressive behaviours and proposals for resolution.

The results show that the teachers consider the aggressions at school a consequence of the physical and personal environment of both the aggressor and the victim, taking place the majority of these aggressions when playing. On the other hand, the families declare not to be aware of the reason for their children being an aggression victim. From their standpoint, the reason for acting violently lies in the violent situations that they have experienced in the past. However, parents and teachers have a common understanding on the fact that training on social skills as well as interaction between family and school are key to face this problem.

Key Words: bullying scholar aggressiveness, educational staff, family, intimidity, childhood, adolescence.

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