Labour related socialization through the professional expectations of 6 to 11 year old schoolchildre


Research into labour related socialization reveals the transition from school education to the world of work to be a process in which an important role is played by socio-educational contexts, experiences, etc. However, not enough work has been done on the «children´s collective» for us to be able to analyse the role that is played by age, gender or type of schooling in their professional expectations.

The generic objective of this article is to discover the favourite professions of children with regard to the process of labour related socialization. The design of the investigation is nonexperimental, descriptive, and responds to the strategy of gathering quantitative information of a transversal nature. Research was carried out using a representative sample of 12.300 Spanish schoolchildren (6-11 year olds). The results indicate that there are significant differences in their professional expectations depending on sex, age, habitat and the type of schooling.

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