Dropout in university studies: determinant factors and preventives measures


The desertion of the studies has become a subject of special interest in the educational debate and is receiving a growing attention among researchers. Moreover, one of the important challenges the university community has at world-wide is the putting in practice of measures oriented to palliate the negative effect of this problem.

This affects not only to a high percentage of students per year, but also to the own university institutions. In this article we present the results of a study made with students of the 39 degrees of the University of La Laguna, those who began their Master Degree in the academic year 1998-1999. The purpose of the study was to identify the causes of dropout or prolongation of university studies. The variables analyzed were studentsâ?? psychoeducational traits, study habits of students, the degree features, teachersâ?? features and studentsâ?? bio-socioeconomic traits.

Keys words: Dropout, university orientation.

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Dropout, university orientation.