Formal Education and Development. Andalusia and Catalonia as examples


The education subsystem relatively depends on the legislative, political and economical subsystems. Having into account that both the Andalusian and Catalonian subsystems depend on the same legislative and political ones, the differences in education between Andalusia and Catalonia must be due to economic differences. These differences have been searched for in three fields: educational level of the population in general, university education and childrens education. The results are clear: school years, on average, are longer in Catalonia than in Andalusia. Moreover, this difference has increased much faster during the last ten years. The Catalan Universitys budget is much higher than the Andalusian Universitys.
Finally, Andalusian families use nursery schools (childrens education) much less than Catalan families. This makes access to labour market much more difficult to Andalusian mothers, although this situation seems to be changing. The reasons why nursery schools are not widely used in Andalusia, are more cultural than economical.

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