The pedagogical action in jails


Possibilities and limits The article proposes pedagogical recover in prisons. The educational perspective is being lost. The author discusses some causes. On the one hand, the treatment is considered a set of activities to entertain the prisoners. For another, the treatment is considered a highly specialized set of therapies for certain crimes with a high social impact. This approach is reflected in the European Prison Rules. These rules do not mention the terms of re-education, rehabilitation or resocialization. The activity of prisons are carried out, especially volunteers. There is no a professional educational diagnosis. This article also analyzes the theoretical difficulties to be able to think the educative possibilities about closed environments. Our proposal is that reeducation supposes to promote the principle of activity in the prisoner and to understand the sentence like a time of activity very controlled. As examples of this line are mentioned the Good Lives Model- Comprehensive applied to the prisoners and the calls modules of the respect". In both cases a certain educative attempt can be observed to create the conditions that help the prisoners to live the experience on the personal change.

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