Pedagogical hope: A fresh and deep glance to educational experience from van Manens approach


This article studies the daily experience of pedagogical hope, that educators maintain with respect to the children and young people entrusted to their pedagogical care as well as their sense and importance for the daily educative practice. This phenomenon is lacking in systematic study specifically from lived experiences perspective. This study adopts the hermeneutic phenomenological methodology proposed by van Manen. Within this approach, methods to gather lived experience (which are of a more descriptive nature) and methods of analysis/ reflection on this experience (which are of a more interpretative nature) have been used. Basically, experiences of pedagogical hope have been compiled as Lived-Experience Descriptions offered by a numerous group of educators. As a result of the reflective work, a set of essential structures of the phenomenon have been obtained. These meanings are presented as a phenomenological text that evocatively describes and interprets the nature and sense of pedagogical hope. Pedagogical hope is essential in educational work, promoting real transformations in the lives of many children and young people.

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