Effect of a learning based methodology model on critical thinking, creative thinking and problem-solving ability in students with academic talent


This research shows evidence of the positive impact of focusing on learning methodologies in the development of cognitive skills relating to critical thinking and problem solving in students with high abilities who attend the Beta-PUCV Educational Program for academically talented students. The study also compares the cognitive development of students who have not attended this program, thus guaranteeing the scope of the curriculum proposal that was implemented and the exposure time to the methodology model. In terms of creative thinking the results show no evidence for the Beta group, while the more positive results came from those not attending the program. However in both groups this type of thinking is underdeveloped. An ex post facto quasi retrospective control group was design to compare the students of the program (n1=48), with a foreign group of students (n2=56), finding that both groups share similar characteristics, such as sex, socioeconomic status, degree course and cognitive skills.

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