This work begins the scientific study of the pedagocical systems, thas is to say, of the whole of institutions by which a community, especially by means of the word, tries to form the ideas, feelings and habits of its younger members. These pedagogical objects do not coincide with the so called educative tendencies, the deepest roots of which are in the prospective, in the historical one, or with the Scholar Organization in its juridical, political, economical aspects, which are exceedingly linked to a Geography and to an epoch. In spite of the worthy attempts of generalization made by Fundamental Pedagogies and Scholar Administrations, they have not succeeded in abstracting that which is more general in the pedagogical systems. In orden to resolve this problem it is necessary to approach in from different starting points. These points are the Scholar Organization. History of Education and Pedagogy and Sociology of Education. The contribution of all these matters will allow us to trace the object to its origin and survey the factors that act at present with a retrospective look and so we shall be able to overcome the single case and arrive to a generalization and establish constant relations between the pedagogical phenomena and the other categories of social facts, between the pedagogical, social system and the general, social system and arrive to the general theory of the mechanisms of education, considered in abstracto, that is to say, deprived of the fixed conditions of place and time.

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