Adult Students´ Entrance System in Spanish Higher Education. New opportunities for Life-Long Learning


Spanish Universities have diversified the ways to entrance for adult students and have recognized labor competences to this proposal. They have designed one system which let people over 40 with professional experience to continue education at Higher Education level and a second system, let people over 45 without that experience to attend this educative level. This report aims at describing and analyzing these new systems and also the results of the first implementation (number of candidates, people who pass exams and number of enrollment), using document. The results show heterogeneous systems for the first type and a homogeneous systems for the second type (people over 45), and a successful announcement. 2169 persons with professional experience have presented to this new way of accessing (people over 40), passing the evaluation process a 72.5%. In the second system (people over 45), were 1.121 candidates, passing a 51.3%. These data mean that more than 2000 adults can improve their education at Higher Education level, giving opportunities for promoting life-long learning.

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