Pedagogical function. Principles of action


This article discusses the concept of pedagogical function to understand its identity, diversity, specificity and complementarity. This marks the significance of the pedagogical function as embodied in the educational relationship under the principles of action, because the specific function is to build educational facts and pedagogical decision-making. The pedagogical function is necessarily linked to the knowledge of education you have and sustains it. Education involves not only knowing and teaching, but also dominates the character (nature and condition) and sense of the meaning of education", in order to apply it on each cultural experience area (field) with which we educate. When we approach the cultural experience area from the pedagogical approach (perspective), our focus allows us to distinguish between knowing History", teaching History and educate with History." And this means from Pedagogy, in relation to the areas of cultural experience, that we use them as an instrument and goal of education, which its to say, we apply to every area of cultural experience, the principles of education and the pedagogical intervention ones.

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