Blended Learning for new Degrees: the student point of view


This paper defends blended learning as a perfectly ideal alternative to the existing classical in-class university training contemplated within the framework of the European Higher Education Area (EHEA). The relevant decrease in classroom teaching hours for new Degrees is giving way to an ever-increasing growth in independent self-study which is slowly taking the lead. The teacher should confront and manage this new reality effectively and perhaps a good way to do so may be to extend in-class teaching to a virtual classroom environment through on-line training, specifically designed for this purpose. Students seem to feel at home with this type of training.

An opinion poll, carried out among students that have completed a subject of the degree (Financial Mathematics) through blended-learning, analyzes student views on several teaching aspects of this hybridlearning methods, compares it to other more traditional University teaching methods and evaluates the possible incidence of the different student profiles on their learning preferences.

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