Education and Construction of Self in Hellenistic philosophy by Michel Foucault.


The paper is based on some works of late Foucault about an affirmative vision of making of Self, what complements the nihilistic and deconstructive perspective of its previous stages. I emphasize the extraordinary importance of these lasts writings, as some recent sources, for pedagogy. From what developed in them, the pedagogy can overcomes the reductionist instrumental reason model of modernity. The paper analyzes and points out aspects of Hellenistic philosophies, especially the Stoics as Foucault notes, which may be updated and serve as guidance today. They advocate an alternative model of education based on ethical rationality, in which the subject engages and educates. This conduces to an epistemological concept in which thinking and philosophizing involves a practical activity or behavior (an ethos), this being an educational process along which the subject is being constituted.

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