Diversity and Talent Development in the Classroom. The DT-PI model and Technology in Curricular Flexibility and Self-paced Learning Implementation


This paper describes some of the changes schools need to face in order to give a better response to the specific educational needs of highly able students. The essential elements of the structure of a competence -based school vs. an age- grade locked school are exposed in order to cater for the different learning pace of the students. The special features of a didactic system called DT-PI developed by J.C Stanley during the early 70s are described. This system was designed to give an educational solution to high ability students, but it also can be used in any other kind of diversity awareness. Further studies are carried out in relation to the technological solutions necessary to upgrade the individualization of the teachinglearning process, which in turn will facilitate amore efficient development of students potential while learning at their own pace. Relevant research of technology implementation in education and its evolution throughout the last years are also revised. Finally, the possibilities of closed implementation systems in a m-learning context as an evolution of e-learning, are discussed.

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