Europe: Wisdom and its appearances. Pedagogy of desire and intellectual dispositions


Teach must have as its object not to seek the correct answer but reach wisdom, capturing true reasoning. To reach this goal, it is necessary to foster the aspiration of reaching true knowledge and not just reach what is useful or what is the most common opinion. This requires addressing three issues. The first is to discover the importance of desire in the life of the human being, as well as its main characteristics, that break their current union with the idea of lack of things, or which limit the scope of desire merely to sexuality. Naturally, as a result of these ideas, it is studied in the article the horizon in which desire must move in the pedagogical activity and the ways that educators should promote it and guide it The second issue is to analyze the characteristics of the ideological crisis not just economic of today, which makes it difficult to promote a true wisdom. So we take into consideration some reflections of Jaspers which, while defending the importance of Europe in universal culture, showed the dangers in which it could fall, jeopardizing its identity and influence.
This leads to the third issue, which consists in the need to promote in the teacher intellectuals dispositions that facilitate a genuine complete education, overcoming the current fear of the search for the truth, as the teacher, avoiding all imposition, should encourage the love of truth, that is not an insane passion, but which provides the greatest of happiness and what makes it possible to freely conquer a meaningful future. José Antonio Ibáñez-Martín

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