Manuals of general teaching methodology for teacher training written in Spanish from 1900 to 1970


This study is concerned with teaching methodology manuals published in Spanish during the period 1900-1970. They have been classified into three main categories according to two criteria, namely the title and the way in which the contents are organized. Here we present manuals in two of these categories, those dealing with pedagogy and those that focus on teaching methodology or «General Didactics». First, we carried out an exhaustive compilation of the manuals and conducted an analysis and systemisation.

We then looked at two important epistemological aspects: the organizational structure of the contents in those manuals that focus on pedagogy, and the other on the thematic structure of those manuals that deal with teaching methodology (General Didactics). This indicated how the teaching methodology knowledge base was organized and the changes that occurred during the period and also with what contents teaching methodology is constructed as an academic discipline.

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