Educational leadership of the classroom teacher and educational personalization


The idea of Educational Leadership in the school is a very important and often investigated concept, in particular in the Anglo-Saxon countries. The purpose of this passage is to suggest some educational remarks about this concept as it is reductive to limit the matter to provide an idea of leadership and then match it with the adjective educational. Accordingly after defining the characteristics of Instructional Leadership and then of Leadership for Learning, the most widespread proposals at the moment, we will look into the real nature of Educational Leadership which, according to the authors thought, must study and promote the educational personalization of any learning process.

The Leadership gets Educational if it aims at precise educational targets and if it is carried out through specific choices of the teacher in the class activity. These particular choices can be reasonably credited with the good results in any learning process. This could be made clear with an example drawn from the Italian school system: the Educational Leadership of the teacher might become manifest within POF thats piano dellofferta formativa, in other words the plan of the educational/learning activity.

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