Drawing up a checklist of learning difficulties in arithmetic calculations


The most traditional approaches to identifying students with learning difficulties, based on the psychometric criterion of discrepancy, are giving way to new paradigms stemming from research recommending the use of alternative, criteria- based procedures contrasted and validated in research results.

Pooling from these new developments, this research aims to describe the construction, validation and reliability of a tool for observing and checking learning difficulties in arithmetic calculations. This tool is designed based on the scientific requirements of systematized observation where the categories to be observed and the production to be recorded have been previously defined and are subsequently quantified in a final measurement. Furthermore, a checklist of these characteristics serves both to identify the criteria that have statistically acceptable levels of validity and reliability and as an easy-touse tool for tasks in natural contexts, class exercises, exams, and so forth. It therefore can be broadly used by both teachers and personnel specialized in psycho-pedagogical diagnosis alike.

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