Ortegas ratiovitalism and the University that we look for


Miguel Rumayor


This paper analyses the principal aspects of Jose Ortega y Gassets ratiovitalist Philosophy and its possible application to the current project of Western universities. It also clarifies the relations between the development of life and intelligence, the growing of Society, culture and University world. Ortega defends an academic model contrary to specialization and pragmatism. For him University must be linked to lifes personal world, which is the last dimension of depth and a radical vision of the individual. Here also is analyzed, confronted with other academics projects, the value of forming internal life both in students and professors that implies the elevations of teaching to place of the Intimacy of Self. This aspect, according to Ortega, will be reached by a minor group of students and will be the way for the preparation of social leaders that can transform society and make a better World.

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