Teachers of tomorrow: premises for a teacher training


The main aim of this article is to offer a critical reflection on the need of rethinking the teachers professional skills and their academic pathway, given the changes and current transformations (crisis, in its etymological sense). In fact, a series of changes, transformations, are identified and affect directly the educators comprehension.

Amongst others: the transformation of work bound up with the processes of the economic globalization, and the transformation of the learning environments imbued by the TICs; the population growth, a demographic transformation with geopolitics relevance, and finally, as a result from the previous ones, the raise in the migratory flows. Under this context, this paper tries to reconceptualize teachers training and their depiction as professionals from the view of Gustav Mahler in his statement Tradition is the spreading of fire and not the veneration of ashes. Thereupon, some categories that help in the teaching update, are proposed and explained; such as authority (as reputation or moral authority, role model and, hence, less so as bare exercise of power), the personalization of education, the importance of home community (society), and, lastly, the alternation within school-society and work-study.

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