Competence learning in the University: predicted expectations and student achievement verification


Currently, one of the greatest challenges for university institutions in Europe is to improve the quality of learning.From an academic point of view, effectively addressing this purpose requires basic knowledge on how students understand their formative process. With the aim of enriching this field of research, the present article explores the perception that university students have regarding their level of achievement in their developments of competencies by the end of their university degree if compared to their expectations when they started their university education. The methodology adopted here is quantitative and it was developed in two specific moments of their educational process: during the initial and the final phases of their university degree. Among the results there is a noteworthy underestimation of the level of interpersonal competencies obtained as compared to the students? expectations upon starting their university degree.

The present research concludes by emphasising the need to keep exploring this field in order to improve the quality of university education.

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