The teaching of architecture. Introduction to learning architectural design


Today we will see the need to rethink the teaching and learning models at Schools of Architecture, reconsidering the ways of teaching and learning. In this sense, the teaching of architectural design should step away from the attitude that is still prevalent in many schools, consisting of conveying predetermined teaching or a closed and complete architectural culture, which attempts to exhaust all the avenues of knowledge, showing a strict and infallible method. What is needed, though, is an active and plural education that considers the complexity of architecture, based on ongoing research and part of an open, flexible and dynamic disciplinary discourse. An education that allows students to develop skills and generate new knowledge from the creation of learning situations which stimulate independent learning, facilitate subsequent ongoing training and enable a more critical and profound intellectual development. Undoubtedly, students must acquire lots of knowledge and skills, and there are many learning processes which must be simultaneously present at the beginning of their training. These can be grouped into the following: learning how to see, learning how to think, learning how to build, learning how to communicate and learning how to learn. The aim of this paper has been to develop each one of them.

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