D. Pedro Poveda Castroverde (1876-1936) can be considered as the founder of a feminine pedagogy through his foundation called the «Theresian Institution». The following items of his doctrine are studied in this article: A preliminary supposition where the position of woman in our society according to the author's opinion is considered. The fundamental principle on which this pedagogy is based and which is only but the «Christian Humanism». This humanism is not to be literally understood but as a pedagogical application of the Incarnation. Feminine modality, where the characters of the woman educated in this school are enumerated: sound thought and Theresian frame of mind in which the notes of simplicity and spontaneity excel. Means of education.—Family life with its two characters, love and joy, is enhanced among many other means. Summing up. Rev. Father Poveda fulfilled the demands of modern education trying to reinforce the possibilities of the feminine mind and having account of its principal defects to correct them.

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