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The Revista Española de Pedagogía (REP) was created in 1943 by the Instituto San José de Calasanz, of the Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas. In 1995 it started to be edited by the Instituto Europeo de Iniciativas Educativas, and since September 2014 by the Universidad Internacional de La Rioja (UNIR).

It publishes three issues per year, one of them being a monographic issue, focused on a current academic topic. All of them in Spanish and English.


REP is a scientific journal whose focus of interest are works centred on the study of education, in general, beyond the areas of knowledge of its authors. It has a universal vocation, and therefore publishes original papers from anywhere in the world, provided that they are associated with relevant or current issues in the educational debate.

All works must respond to specific scientific requirements that help to shed light on the different dimensions of educational action (formal and non-formal education) and to exercise a more humanising professional practice, in accordance with the current challenges facing education in the world, in a critical and effective manner. Therefore, there is no limitation of topics or methodology, but there is a limitation of quality, depth and coherence.

Papers with different methodological approaches are accepted: of a theoretical, qualitative, quantitative or mixed nature.

The REP recognises the value of case studies, as long as the educational context addressed and the issues dealt with in them meet the universal and topical interest stated above.

Papers must be strictly original and must not have been submitted for review in another journal. They must be submitted in accordance with the rules indicated in the Instructions for Authors. The journal also accepts book reviews.

All articles submitted to the journal are evaluated on a double-blind basis.

Those who publish articles express their ideas at their own responsibility.


REP is indexed in the main Spanish and international databases, such as Web of Science and Scopus. More information:

Publication costs

Once an article has been approved for publication in the REP, authors only have to pay for the translation of their article into English or Spanish.

The translation costs depend on the following conditions:

  • If it is an article supported by a research grant, or similar, the invoice will be paid in full by the research funding body.
  • If it is an independent article, the author must pay the fixed amount of 400 euros, and the journal will cover the rest of the translation costs.

Revista Española de Pedagogía is an open access journal published under the Creative Commons CC BY-NC 4.0 (Attribution-NonCommercial) license. All articles published since 2017 have a Digital Objet Identifier (DOI) associated with them registered by the journal.

The REP authorizes the authors to use the published material (in its online advance format or in its definitive version), at any time without requesting any permission, always citing the journal in which it has been published and with its corresponding DOI.

The authors assign to the journal the intellectual property rights (distribution, public communication, reproduction, transformation) of the published articles.


The REP does not accept advertisements.


The REP is funded by the UNIR but receives income from the authors for the translation of their articles.

Dissemination of published works

The use of academic social networks and scientific repositories is recommended for the dissemination of papers.