The use of ICTs in leisure and vulnerable youths training


This articles aim is to provide specific information about a field that has been poorly and marginally addressed on research, the use of ICTs during leisure time by the most vulnerable youth and their socio-educational treatment. In order to do so an analysis of the information obtained from an ad hoc questionnaire has been made. This questionnaire was applied to a sample of 1.764 post-compulsory education students from all the Spanish regions, among which 493 were vulnerable. The outcomes show the use of ICTs by vulnerable youth is similar to the use made by the rest of young population. Miguel Melendro Estefanía, Francisco Javier García Castilla y Rosa Goig MartínezNevertheless, in these cases it is necessary to pay special attention to the high intensity and frequency, the isolation and exclusivity of use and to the gender differences in their practice of ICT, elements that increase significantly their vulnerability. Determined competences to develop are also detailed, to be used with these youth so they can make an inclusive and transforming use of ICTs, which gives them access to more relevant cultural capital than mere instrumental learning.

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